Bios are never an easy thing to write. They either contain far too much information or, in my case, seem a bit
scattered. Since 2006, I have been a full time writer and editor while keeping my hand in the graphics industry
and associated technology. My former life was as a graphic designer, small business owner, and printing
expert. At times, my two careers intermingle. I still consult with small businesses and do design and
photography work in addition to the writing and editing business. For samples of my work, go to
The Work

In broad strokes, this is a bit of what I do and have done.

Award winning author and poet with five published works. Have worked extensively with Bookrags, Cygnus
Business Media, Bonita Magazine,, and PureContent. Continually write, edit and publish a wide
variety of work for the Internet including e-books, magazines, and trade journals. Topics include the graphic
arts industry, social trends, spirituality, news, travel, finance, interior design, recycling, and business.

Publications include SheKnows, Sophie, American Printer, Poetic Justice, Indigo Ice, Printing Impressions,
Eclectic Muse, Bonita Magazine, Hype, National Psychics, Printing Views, Printing Journal, and Southern
Graphics. Internet design work for People’s Acupuncture, Traditions in Art, Help Yourself Designs, Full Circle,
Inc., VisitAbility, and Tom Mowrey.

• Published Author –
Emma, Blue Jazz Moon, Emergence, Retribution, & Document Design Primer
• Co-Author and Director, Sitting Up With the Dead, a Stage Play
• Writer’s Digest Short Story Award Winner
• NaNoWriMo Winner for the novels
Retribution and Altered
• Instructor – Clearfield Career & Tech. Center – Marketing and Forming a Critique Group
• Poetry Workshop Facilitator, Full Circle, Inc.
• Creative Writing Workshop, Scholastic Kids as Authors Competition, DuBois Area School District
• Creative Writing Instructor, Clearfield Area Studio of the Arts (CAST)
• Executive Producer, DuBois Cultural Documentary
• Entertainment Director, DuBois Festival of the Arts
• Co-Author, Clearfield County Bi-Centennial Historical Pageant
• President, Executive Board of Directors, DuBois Area Council on the Arts
• Founder and Concert Organizer - Moonshadow Café
• Judge - National PTA Literature Competition
• Professional performing poet in various venues
• Photography Exhibitor
Pamela Mortimer has been working for me as a Staff Writer for the past three years.  During this time, Pam has
written several articles for Bonita Magazine.

During her stint as a Staff Writer for Bonita Magazine, Pam has demonstrated several professional and personal
attributes that would make her an asset to any publishing company.  She is quick, accurate and she is not afraid to
ask for clarification for her writing assignments. Pam is what I would consider, a consummate professional.

Pam has written articles that range from very serious to very funny.  Pam’s very writing abilities come from the
heart. But what I most like about Pam is, her writing style is very passionate and she is able to project the reader
into the middle of any article or story she writes.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Ms. Mortimer for any position, from Senior Editor to Staff Writer. She’s a
can-do, do-it-all writer.  I wish I had 10 more writers like Pam.  If that were true, my life would be so much easier.

                                                                                        Robert E. Garcia. Publisher of Bonita Magazine